Earlier on in the summer, we designed and installed this beautiful kitchen. The customers had been living in their house for a few years now and had completely modernised the property throughout and the kitchen was the last room on their list.

As you can see from the before photos (below), the kitchen was rather dated and the way the kitchen was designed, was causing lack of space. So the customers knew straight away that they wanted to remove the oven and knock that space right back to make the room square again. By doing this it allowed us to design the kitchen with more storage space.


Our customers knew that they wanted an ultra modern kitchen, so they opted for a smooth painted J-Handle door in two shades of grey, Graphite & Light grey paired with pure white solid surface! The combination looks just stunning.

O 1O 2

O 3

O 4O 5

With the simple addition of the scaffold shelves, it just finishes off the room perfectly! Not to mention that it is dressed very well!


We hope our that our lovely customers have many years of joy, using their beautiful new kitchen!






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