What a difference!!!

Not only do we design and install brand new kitchens, we quite often do door changes. Something simple like a door change and making a couple of additional changes still gives that impact of a new kitchen but without all the disturbance!

Our customers have a new build property and never had a chance to choose the kitchen that they really wanted, so they decided to change the worktops and doors. What really made the difference was by adding some more cabinets underneath the window area and moving the hob to a central part of the kitchen.

This is what the kitchen looked like before:-


In a short period of time, this kitchen was totally transformed, finished off by the addition of the white subway tiles and the oak shelves!


It really does look like a totally new kitchen, it feels so warm and homely. We hope our customers enjoy using their new kitchen!

Thanks for reading.

One thought on “What a difference!!!

  1. Thank you again Richard and Olivia , our kitchen is just gorgeous, the work space is amazing. Thank you so much for your care and workmanship. We love it. Bobby X


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